Jacob's Ladder


If you've never experienced this classic carnival game then you're missing out! The Jacob's Ladder is extremely difficult but undeniably fun.

The Jacob's Ladder consists of a rope ladder connected to a single point on each end and attached to a swivel resulting in a spinning rope ladder that will challenge even the most graceful gymnast or martial artist.

Take the ladder challenge yourself or watch your friends struggle to stay on top, regardless our Jacob's Ladder is sure to draw a crowd. Young or old, big or small, win or lose, everybody climbs off the ladder pillow with a smile.

Jacob's Ladder Requirements

  • The Jacob's Ladder requires 16'x22' to set up.
  • 110v 15amp electrical outlet within 100'.
  • The Jacob's Ladder can be rented with, or without prizes. Please contact us for additional information regarding Jacob's Ladder rentals with prizes.
  • Please visit our pricing page for additional information.