Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull

Grab this rental by the horns

Safe enough for children, yet tough enough for professional riders our Mechanical Bull is always a hit. With multiple difficulty settings this Mechanical Bull is great for all ages. With safety being a primary concern our Mechanical Bulls are produced by Galaxy Bull, manufacturer of the safest Mechanical Bull available! Galaxy brand Mechanical Bulls use a patented soft foam material(Sofolex) for the head and includes an innovative automatic stop system ("dead man's handle") resulting in the safest Mechanical Bull on the market. If you've never ridden a Mechanical Bull before you'll quickly realize this is more than just a ride, it's an experience.

Mechanical Bull Requirements:

  • The Mechanical Bull requires 16'x18' to set up.
  • 110v 20amp electrical outlet within 100'.
  • Mechanical Bull rental fee includes operator.

Please visit our pricing page for additional information.