Host an Obstacle Course Race in Englewood, FL

Host an Obstacle Course Race in Englewood, FL

Discover the excitement obstacle course races bring to any event

Get into the competitive spirit with 0 Gravity Rentals. By setting up one of our obstacle course races, you can bring hours of entertainment to colleagues, kids or students.

Getting an obstacle course is a great way to celebrate:

  • The end of the school year
  • Birthday parties
  • Fundraising events
  • Corporate retreats
  • Fall festivals

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Test your agility by running through an inflatable obstacle course

Looking for a fun way to get people on their feet (and knock them right back down)? Request an inflatable obstacle course for your next celebration. You'll get everyone clamoring to try their skills at running through the course and jumping over the inflatable hurdles.

Our inflatables are 50 feet long by 10 feet wide by 15 feet high. Champions who complete the obstacle course finish off by careening down a 15-foot slide. This kind of fun is an unforgettable experience for everyone who attends your event.

Contact us now to request an inflatable obstacle course in or near Englewood, FL.