Walk on Waterballs

Walk on Water Ball

Our Walk On Water Balls provide a fun, safe, and unique opportunity for people of ALL ages to experience the feeling of walking on water! Now you can walk, roll, run, tumble and fall on the surface of the water without even getting wet.*

Zip the water orb open and in you climb. Air is then pumped into the water orb , the zipper is sealed and off you go! The trick is to hold onto the sides of the ball, lean forward and soon you'll be "walking on water" in no time!

*Water Tube ends are open and you will get wet.

Walk on Water Tube

Waterball Requirements

  • Our Walk on Waterballs require a 30' diameter clearing to set up.
  • We offer both Waterballs and Water Tubes for rent.
  • 110v 20amp electrical outlet within 100'.
  • Waterball rental fee includes operator.
  • Please visit our pricing page for additional information.